Get the most common data in a excel column

Hello all.

I have a column in an excel sheet which each cell in that column can have 5 possible answers.

I want to be able to get the text of the most common one in that column. How would I do that?

You can use this code:
Dim query = From grp In From row In table.AsEnumerable()Group row By row.Field(Of String)("Answer") Order By grp.Key New With { Key .Id = grp.Key, _ Key .Sum = grp.Sum(Function(r) r.Field(Of Integer)("Value")) }

Hi @dvn

You can use this custom activity where you have the ability to aggregate based on the values you have on columns.

You can use the Count option to count the number of occurrences of a particular value

You can also find a user guide within the component so that you can configure the activity accordingly.