Get the list of email from Sub Group in outlook

Hi Team,

I need to get the email from the sub group in my outlook by using get outlook activity.
–>Factory reset

I need to get all the mail from MNOP. how to get that?

Sub group is Factory reset
MNOP , PQRS, EFGH are the part of that Factory Reset

can anyone help me on this?


Looks like factory reset is a different shared mailbox

If so in get outlook mail messages in account field give the shared mailbox id

And in folders give MNOP…if it is under archive then give Archive\MNOP


  • Drag the “Get Outlook Mail Messages” activity onto your workflow.
  • In the “Get Outlook Mail Messages” activity, set the “MailFolder” property to the path of the subfolder you want to retrieve emails from.
  • Use the following path format: "Inbox\Factory reset\MNOP"
    Set Other Properties:
  • Configure other properties such as “Top” to specify the number of emails to retrieve.
  • You can also set filters using the “Filter” property if you want to retrieve emails based on specific criteria.

In the example above, the “MailFolder” property is set to `“Inbox\Factory reset\MNOP” to target the MNOP subfolder within the “Factory reset” subgroup.

Remember to adjust the folder path according to your specific Outlook folder structure.