Get the latest bill statement

Dear all,

Good morning,

Currently, i am doing the web automation for the following.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Key in user name and password
  3. Go to billing
  4. Download the latest bill statement

I would like to get the latest statement.

Currently, what i did is i use the click action activity to click on the download button for the first one.

but for the next month it will have a new add in statement and when i run the workflow it will still click the download button to download the last month bill.

Is there any way to let the robots to get the latest bill whenever i run the workflow?

i have try to use the anchor base activity but i am not sure how to set it (which one should be anchor)

Kindly assist.

Thank you

Hi @eelin,
Check the selector for the download button, there may e something which direct the bot to the last month bill.
If you can share the selector, we can fine tune it


Flowchart.xaml (88.2 KB)

By analyzing the file you shared, i found that the selector you are using to indicate the download button is not stable

Since i can’t login to the portal, fine tuning that selector isn’t possible. So try to tune the selector by removing the css-selector part and other dynamic parts. Try to use only the stable attributes like aaname