Get the Invisible Link of a Button

Problem Condition

  1. Click a button with a hyperlink with it.


  1. A new tab is generated
  2. I need to throw several click activity on the new tab but can’t because I did not open the browser but the button automatically did, henceforth, there is no browser variable attached to the new tab.

What I tried so far.

  1. Attach Browser —> Of no use.
    I could not select only the new tab but both tabs were selected in one click.
  2. In the new tab, press F6 (go to address bar), copy it, open a new browser with the address. —> After finishing some work, the result was not saved. Maybe because the browser was created by me not by the system itself.
  3. Get Attribute - Get the url. —> Not Successful.
    1. I expected this when right-click the button: image
      But this is what I got actually. There was no “Copy the URL(E)”
    2. I went to see the source.

      Based on this, ng-click = vm.editorLoad($event), I could assume that this page was created with Angular JS and upon a click, a web address gets generated.


Hi @Daun,

Yes you are correct in these case you cannot get the link before you are pressing the button.

This button is event generation button so after clicking the button it will navigate to next page.
if not an event button we can get the link using get attribute activity.


Hi @arivu96,

Thank you for your answer.

Can I ask you about what would you do if you were to solve this issue of working in a newly generated tab, unassigned of a browser variable, where elements are not selected, without using image/coordinate recognition?