Get the folder from list of folder on web and click on that

On Web i had a list of folder sometimes 2 and sometimes more then 2. I had a variable which is containing the name of folder so i need to click on that folder from list of folder on web. I am attaching an image of web where you see a list of folders.

Would suggest using the Find Children activity, filter to keep only the rows. Then loop through them.


I used Extract data table but it didnt work each time it fails when when data is close to 10. Dont know reason. How find children work in my case. please guide

  1. Find a stable selector for the whole table.
  2. Use the Get Element, pass in the stable selector.
  3. Use the Find Children, pass in the UIElement variable from step 2. Set the filter (its similar syntax to selectors such as “<class=‘tr’”
  4. That will result in a list of all items matching that description inside the parent element (the table).
  5. For each loop (change type to UiElement), for each item get text etc…