Get the different value For same variable

Hi All,

I am getting different values for the same variable.
the percentage value is 30.00 in the message box, but the percentage value is "OK " in another message box for same variable.
maybe the property will change , so please let me know how to resolve it.


Not sure if this could be due to scope where you are assigning the same variable differently.
However to get a better perspective can you share a pseudo logic/screenshot/xaml so that we can try and validate?


kindly check whether that variable value is getting updated at any place before MESSAGE BOX activity
unless that happens its not possible to change the value buddy

kindly run once in debug mode so that we can find where it is getting changed

Cheers @Meenakshi6246

This is much less likely than @nadim.warsi’s answer as you cannot go from a Double to a String as that would throw an exception.

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If that is a generic value variable it can take both double and string, being a primitive type of variables, isn’t it