Get the data row data from dt as per the counter count

i want to fetch the data from dt i.e each row as per the counter value dont have to use loop as there is alredy a for each loop i cannot use inside that again

adding sample data sheet
IF COUNTER = 2 THEN i should get this value
D1.xlsx (8.4 KB)
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Hi @manoj_verma1 ,

You can get the desired row from datatable by using the rows function:


To join the row elements:

String.join(" ",Dt.Rows(RowNumber).ItemArray)

HI @manoj_verma1

You can try with this below expression


You can try with Split expression to separate the value


Index → DtRead.Rows(Index)



Hi @manoj_verma1

To get specific data from your Datatable, please use the following, for example in a “Write Line” Activity:
dt_D1.Rows(COUNTER-1).Item(“TRX NO”).ToString

dt_D1 is your original DataTable that you initiated before (i.e. with “Read Range” Activity).
We apply -1 to your “COUNTER” variable (Type: Integer/Int32) because the first row is in fact “0” (Index starts with 0).

With .Item(“Column Name”) you refer to a specific column.

If you want to get the whole row to use further instead, please use dt_D1.Rows(COUNTER-1).

Best regards

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