Get the attachment in one email only

I have two files in a folder, so when I send the email to attached with this file, it send me this files in two separate email. I want these attachment in one email only. kindly suggest.

see I when I email I am getting like this. But I want to see these both attachment in one email only.

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The attachments property supports Collection type. So you can write something like {Path1, Path2} where Path1 is the path of the 1st file, and Path2 is the path of the 2nd file.

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See I have used this approach.


so this sending attached the attachment one by one sending a email.

But in my folder I have two attachment, I want to attach both the attachment in a single email only.


Instead of a for each loop and having item in the Attachments field, put the ListFiles in the AttachmentsCollection field.
Please see

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can you provide me the sample workflow bro, if it’s possible. Thankyou

you mean like this,

Yes, something like that.

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I did same but it showing me an error.

What is that error? Is your ListFiles variable of type String [ ] ?

Resolved, Thanks a lot bro.

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No problem, Happy automation :smiley:

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