Get text value and add it to excel

I want to get the text value then add its value to excel dynamically. Any suggestion? Thanks

  • If you want to get text from a table in website or application, use datascraping. Which will give you Datatable as output.
  • To write in excel, use Read range with Excel application scope.

If you want to use write cell dynamically, you can specify range like ā€œGā€ + RowCounter.tostring

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What if I get the text from pdf? then add the copied variable in excel.

In Add data row activity, remove the DataRow.

You cannot give both ArrayRow and DataRow as input.

Also, you need to initialise Datatable before adding datarow.

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how can I add that text in excel?

Recording-Excel.xaml (25.1 KB)
Employees.xls (19 KB)