Get text until blank in Terminal activity

Hi buddies. Please refer to the picture below first.

I would like to get the address in that terminal, which later will be output for letter generation. The address can vary, i.e. sometimes 2 lines, and sometimes 3,4,5. I don’t know how to get the full address at once. The stupid approach which I thought of is to use TerminalGetTextAtPosition activity for each line (total of 5 as you can see), with full length of each line, and output as 5 variables (i.e. Address1,Address2, …, Address5).

I know this is stupid. How can I get the address at once without saving any blank? Many thanks!

@wth1993 When you use Get Full Text Activity on the Terminal, How will the extracted data appear?


You can try with Get Full Text Activity


try to take the screenshot and OCR, hope this may helps you


The Get Full Text activity doesn’t work. No data appeared.

Is any Terminal activity for getting the address applicable?

@wth1993 Did you indicate the full Terminal Window or just the Address ?

Tried both. Same result.