Get Text selection

Hello Sir/Ma’am,

I used get text activity for extract webpage data.
I sent my flow to my friend pc but in my friend pc flow is not working. It requires to select filed again for get text.
How to make this selection generic? so my friend can us my flow.


Kindly mention the error clearly i.e., is it error due to selector? or could you share the error screenshot…

Thank you

Get Text Image Not available


Thank you, the activity can execute even without reference image. The image is not mandatory, check whether the selector is validated.

can it’s possible to recover image to other device?


Check whether project directory has .local, .screenshot & .settings folders available in the migrated pc. As all the activities informative screenshots will be stored in .screenshot folder in project directory. Kindly ensure all the screenshots are available in that directory. Kindly refer image below for reference,