Get text or get full text activity attributes "name" is changing from time to time

Dear members,

I need to get a long text from SAP, I used get text and get long text, can use the attributes “name” to get the selector, while the “name” attribute is a variable value, I get it from another place, but there are some special characters can’t identified, every time when there is any error, I need to use “Replace” to handle this.
Currently I use this way to handle:


I am wondering if there is any other way I can get this long text, the color of the long text part is grey, it is different from others.



Hi @li.yu ,

Instead of doing replace for all the special character you can handle it in regex expression.

Regex cannot solve all, as the special character is not known too, some character can be identified, for example, ‘!’, the only way I can do is change it when every I encounter some errors.

HI @li.yu

I am sorry, I do not understand the use case. Please give me more details.

What data you want to read? In which transaction? which selectors you see? which attributes you get from another place? which place?

Thank you for explanation
Best regards, Lev

Hi, @LevKushnir
The data I want to read is the screenshot in black I captured above.
The transaction is CC03, after getting in, type into the Change number there, enter, then we will see the change details, click the pen on the right side of the short description, then we will see the long text, the color of the long text part is different from other parts, it is grey, that is I want to get.
The attribute is getting from the short description, but sometimes some special character cannot be recognized, for example, ', , can only identify one & if there is two &, but not sure which one will get.

Currently I just used try catch to skip the those that are not identifiable, then at last send mail to me, but I am thinking it would be much better if I could use the color differences to get it instead of the selector.

HI @li.yu

Your screenshot above is not readable. I cannot see your exact data.

I was trying to reproduce your issue, but in my case the Word document is displayed

Maybe just a hint try to use UiPath Screen Scraping technology to get the long text

Somethink like this:

Best regards, Lev

Regex can be used to create logic like “give me only these characters” so you could tell it, for example, only to get regular numbers and letters. Then any other characters would be removed.

Thanks, @postwick , but the characters and type are unknown, if it is sure, I can use Regex to get rid of them.

Hi @LevKushnir , may I know if it is this one?

HI @li.yu

In my example above I have used this one

But I think that UiPath Screen OCR activity will do the same job for you

Best regards, Lev

Again, I’m saying you create a regex expression that takes only regular letters and numbers and then it’ll automatically get rid of special characters without you having to know what they are.