Get Text of validation message


I want to get the text of the validation message which appears only for few seconds after we submit the form.

Please advice how can we do this.

Thanks in advance


You can use"Check app state activity" and indicate it to that validation message
in Target apears section use get text activity and save it to a variable

Hope it helps you out


Use Check App State activity and after the pop comes up indicate it and under Target Does Appear Use “Get Text” activity and save it in variable and you can write it in Message Box or Write line activity. Make sure to use under Use Application/Browser activity.



To get the text of a validation message that appears only for a few seconds after submitting a form in UiPath, you can use the “Get Text” activity along with a suitable delay to ensure that the validation message appears before you extract its text.

Hi @sgarg

Use check app state if you are using modern activities, indicate the ui element in the popup:

If you are using classic activities then use either element vanish for previous used tab, or element appears for pop up.

Below is the attached file of similiar test case as yours

Hope it helps you (28.9 KB)

Thanks for your reply, But I am unable to capture that validation message as when I try to capture it, it becomes invisible within a second and then got message from UiPath that “element should be visible on screen”

@sgarg ,
If thats the case , then try handling that case by using Retry scope and Try catch activity and catch the exception and then retry it