Get text issue

I have a screen in SAP. I have to enter data and click one button to proceed further.

Here, I am using get text to check whether any error message. If no error message on clicking proceed button, it is navigating to another screen.

Then get text is failing saying unable to find the ui element as no error on clicking to proceed button, as navigating to another screen with different screen.

How to handle this.


instead of get text use element exist activity
cheers @krishbcd


Could you please show me screenshot of that Get Text activity Selector. So that we can check and help you better in this.

  1. click the button in 1st screen.
  2. checking get text in 2nd screen.
  3. Here checking error message in the bottom of screen using get text

Here if no error,navigating to 3rd screen and the selector changing from second screen. so Get text failing saying can not find the ui element.

Even using delays not working and also using attach window… no use.



I asked screenshot of Get Text activity Selector but not screenshots of those elements.

Hi @krishbcd,

Get Text Activity is used to get the text. It always try to extract text. It wont check whether it is there or not.

Ideally, You should use Element Exist Activity (Use Reliable Selector) to check whether error is there or not. It gives you a bool value which can be used to proceed further.


HI, please check this webpage Studio, Robot and UIAutomation 2019.12 Preview Release and find a new set of specific SAP Activities, which we have recently released.

For your case I suggest to use Read Statusbar activity, which allows you to get all necessary data from SAP Statusbar.

Best regards, Lev

Thank you all for all your support. By using wildcard in title within Selector, I could able to do this using Get text activity.

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