Get text in loop gets previous value or value that it selected in first instance

I tried getting when the mAIL has come by feeding subject to the inbox search in a loop but its showin only the time of first mail even for the second subjet.

How does your filter look like?

“[From]=‘Test’ And [ReceivedTime] >= '”+now.AddDays(-1).ToShortDateString" ??

Kindly go through this picture I have uploaded these activities are there part of for each row in DataTable.The Datatable is having a column called “subject” which is used to feed in inbox search.
WHen i try to get "time " that is output of get Text activity it shows same value for ecry subject i feed into that.

Fyi…We can achieve this by using the Mail Activities as well.

Since you are using recording, Can you check the selector of Get Text activity? I’m assuming it is storing a static value.

Kindly Go through the Selector of get text .Please let me Know if I need To make any changes to this.

the ID value is dynamic":jz" which changes by every search. why don’t you try get children activity to achive this?

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