Get Text in a Proper Format

Is there a way to get the text including the format here.
I try using Data Scraping Wizard but it is not working
The website URL is: One Way: DAD → SGN, 13 Sep 2023 (
Thank you so much


i have used get Full text activity

@“22:25 Da Nang (DAD)
13 Sep Da Nang Airport
Vietlet Air *¥-
VI-639 + Promo
upgrade avallable)
Th 25m (® Baggage Okg (buy at booking) (Airbus A320
Cabin baggage 7 kg 3-3 Seat layout
© See Extra Baggage Prices 28-inches Seat pitch (standard)
23:50 © Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)
13 Sep ‘Tansonnhat Int!”

this is the format you want or another other format let me know

just the text only :((


I am getting this output

"Da Nang (DAD) → Ho C. M. City (SGN)Wed, 13 Sep 2023 "

if you want any output from the above string we can extract

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