Get Text, Get Visible Text, Get attribute not returning Visible Text

I’m having difficulty using a non-OCR method of getting this page title (top right of image) in this application. The most I can get it to return is [Panel Title].

I can use OCR, but it’s not the most reliable option. Any idea of a non OCR method to get the visible text?

Hi @ZeppZachh

First of all, confirm that the text of title isn’t displayed in any attribute of all level selectors, and don’t forget to try to get full text.
if so, try to use some operation activities, maybe like select the title and send Ctrl+C hotkey and get clipboard content.

Thanks @wusiyangjia! I’ve actually tried all of those. It’s almost as if the visible text is stored in the PanelTitle variable I can get from the attributes, but all I’m getting is the name of the variable, not what’s stored in it.

try using the button UI Frameworks to change types and see if works better for you…

No luck with that either.

then it is not a text…