Get Text from the same row

Hello, mates. Is it possible to use “Get Text” activity in order to get into the same Excel cell all the informations available in a specific row of a website, just like illustrated bellow.

(I drawn the colored lines in order to illustrate)

Please, consider that all of these informations are available IN THE SAME CELL of the dataframe, so Selector WON’T work here.

@bipenett Yes it possible to extract with Get Text.
Btw what issue you are facing while spying UiElement ?

Hello, dude. Thanks for the fast reply. Well, all elements that I could find, for example, in the first “Reqte” are shown in the above image:

By the way, the URL of this page is

@bipenett test123.xlsx (7.3 KB) Test.xaml (22.3 KB)

please check this logic. i have attached excel output.
use similar logic to extract and arrange data as u expecting in Excel.

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