Get Text from PDF file with ABBYY

Hi all,

I have installed ABBYY. I want to Get Text as highlighted below picture.

But the mouse could not select individual item, it select full screen only.

How to fix this issue ?

Thanks you !
@rahatadi ^^

there are two ways to do it…

  1. convert whole scanned pdf into digital one
    then read pdf activity
    use regex to get exact value

2.train abbyy model and create project in Abbyy
integrate abbyy with uipath.

ABBYY FlexiCapture - Powerful Data Capture - YouTube ← this is best video to start with abbyy.



this can help you also… (215.1 KB)



Thanks you so much. I will review all of them :slight_smile:



if you want to complete with quickly then converting scanned into normal pdf using abbyy is good option.

but for long run training abbyy is best way…

Hi… This way to convert scanned PDF into normal PDF right ?


please go through the Abbyy tutorials for better understanding. you will surely amaze with abbyy capability.


If I want to get text from scanned PDF files . Then the procedure as below right ? :

Step 1. Use ABBYY to Get Number from scanned PDF files and export them into excel file
Step 2. And then use UiPath to push data in excel file into any another apps ( SQL, Access, SAP ) ?

Thanks you so much!



overall it is it. :wink:

(and this includes versatile test data and lots of efforts)


Do you have any video links about the get text from scanned pdf with abbyy ? I have searched but not yet found exactly video I want.

Thanks you :slight_smile:

@rahatadi Thanks you so much about this video link :slight_smile:

But with scanned pdf files has different about the format ( position, resolution )…might Abbyy can do exactly ?


If i am not wrong , you are working with invoice.And abbyy can extract data from any invoice ( it just required training)


Yes. I want to extract some information from invoices and push them into SAP.

I will learn with Abbyy and combine with UiPath.

Thanks you so much :slight_smile:

Sorry, I have one more question.

Which Abbyy version is common and can perform my job?


all the best…
you can ask some training from abbyy as well for invoice…

they have schema for invoice which you can import and modify (add or remove ) element get value from it.

abbyy flexicapture 12 is good in my opinion(good because i have not worked or tested releases)


Thanks you so much ^^

Hi @trunghai

for different invoices you can go with Abby flexicapture, where it works on pattern, so this will resolve your problem, but licensing cost involved.


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Hi, do you know how to download abbyy flexicapture Standalone ?

I have searched but seem very hard to found the link to download trial version.


which version you are using ?

below is the link where you can find more reference about UiPath and abbyy.

for more info