Get Text From a photo and concatinate first and second name

Hello Everyone.
I have a photo attached herewith where i was able to extract the name with scrap relative and message box the output. However, I want to split the names with .Split taking the space as a delimiter and then concatenate first and second name together.

Wrokflow Main.xaml (25.1 KB)
Can you kindly assist.

@mozahra once you get the name store it in a variable say to get your output give like this in assign activity outstr.split(" “)
It will give you output as array of string store it in a variable say to get your result give like this straarray(0)+” "+straarray+(1).

@venkatmalla6 this is exactly what i have done you can check my workflow attached. However its giving me the first tow characters only and i want all the first name and second name together.
Thanks in advance.

@mozahra sorry for that give like this outstr.split(" ".tochararray) or imodified your flow have a look.
Main (6).xaml (25.1 KB)

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@mozahra did that works buddy.

Hi @mozahra

Try this Split(nameString," ")
then concatenante using outStr(0) + outStr(1)

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It returned only the last two charachter “r” and “a” .

I tried this one and even added. ToArray() However it also returned “r” and “a” characters only.
Can you please have a look at my original workflow and try to check where would be the problem.
Thanks in advance


this is how it looks like buddy,but don,t know why you are getting error.

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Thanks for your support. but mine is inside a loop. i guess yours its not. could be this issue right?

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@mozahra yeah but anyhow you did it finally,great cheers.

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@venkatmalla6 Thanks yes there was no need for the loop. i was assuming that the split will divide the name into many items then i have to loop and for each item (0) and item (1) i concatenate.

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