"Get Text" + "Excel Application Scope"


I used a “Get Text” and created a Variable as Output.

Then I used an “Excel Application Scope” and to create a .xlsx file, but with this path I get an error:

"C:\Users\NewFile - "+ Variable.ToString + “.xlsx”

And this is the error:

Any idea how to fix this?


hi @495713,

Before this : "C:\Users\NewFile - "+ Variable.ToString + “.xlsx”

Take a If and verify that variable is not null by using - String.IsNullorEmpty(Variable.tostring) - If Null - Assign a Default value to variable say- ExcelName else use Variable.ToString.

Also , After the getText - you can check if the output variable is null - Try Getting the text by OCR or other Techniques.


Hi @mukeshkala,

I tried and the variable is fine, it is not null, but the error is still there.

Any idea?


Can you print this path in a write line and verify what are you getting ?

C:\Users\NewFile - "+ Variable.ToString + “.xlsx”


I actually find out it is working properly, i get an error when I get the text in a Workflow but using that data in a second Workflow I invoke.

Any idea why?
In the first Workflow the data is stored in an Out_Argument and in the second one in a In_Argument.


Hello @495713

Check if you pass the data correctly when you invoke your workflow…

go to the argument panel of the 2nd workflow and give the same variable name which u have given in the 1st workflow.
I am sure it will work.

If you have already resolved it , mark this thread as resolved


I converted the Var1 in the Workflow1 into an Argument and imported it in the Workflow2.

Does it need other actions?