Get text error Level 3 Advanced

Hello Guys, I’m try finish level 3 advanced and when I arrive in exact point with get text, I have this error.
The element exist but give error in UiPath help pls… follow pictures:

I cant really find anything wrong with your selector but let’s start off my changing your selector. I would opt for something like:

<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='#32770' />
<ctrl name='Report was uploaded - confirmation id is *' role='text' />

What I did here was first Indicate the element on the screen. After that, I made the selector as small as possible to there point where it can still identify the UI element. A great feature to do this is to open the UI Explorer to find elements that you can use.

See if that resolves your problem. If so try to analyze as to why it did not work. Please get back to us when you have done so. I’ll try some things myself.



Hi, so that you know, there’s two diffrent Pop-up, one with a CheckBox and an other with none. So you have to add exception for both…


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