Get Text Error (ElementOperationException)

I have an Get Text activity inside an ‘anchor base’, right after a ‘navigate to’ (IE), that is inside a loop, so it gets done ok for 9 times (this takes about 20 minutes) and then gives me an error like image attached:

Goto manage package, update or reinstall uipath.core. Activities, restart Uipath, machine and try.

Please could you also copy the Selector in here, as I had a similar issue where I had a for each loop which worked a number of times before hitting the same error where it was unable to find the element.

Well, im unsure if i found an workout or with a new batch of data it worked better but i just had a successful run with 19 items/33 minutes (the most so far), by putting a 2 second delay activity after the ‘navigate to’ and before my ‘anchor base’, going to reset the data and try one more time to be sure, thx for the replies.

After lots of tests i can be quite sure that the 2 second delay stopped the error from happening.

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