Get text-element exist in combination with object repository

Dear forum,

Is there a way to use activities as Get Text, Element exist, etc, in combination with the object repository ?
Actions like write, read, do have this functionality to drag/drop an item from the object repository.

Thanks for your advice !

@veldew : Do you have an answer?
@loginerror: There are a lot of not answered questions about using object repository for using more than in showcase. What we can do that uipath takes more effort to give answers to this questions?

Hi @Stephu

Would you mind providing a few more details around your specific struggle?

I gave it a quick test on the latest version and it looks to be working for Get Text just fine:

It is true that some activities are still missing the Object Repository support, but we are working towards having a 1:1 parity.

@loginerror Thanks for your answer. Sorry I wrote it in the wrong place. I was a not so amused because the most things I had problem with object repository there were forum post but always a long time without any answer. For example there is no getAttribute or no elementExists. Until when we will have 1:1 parity?
As I wrote, the concept behind object repository is great, but for that the parity is a must.
It would also be nice if there are assert functions for selectors. For example then we can write a test which opens a specic mask and then we can assert selectors on this mask.