Get text does not work

Hello everybody,

I use a get text activity to get from a chrome web page the text from a specific cell

I tested the activity on my laptop where I developed it and it works fine.

When i try to run the process in another pc same browser, it does not work and it does not recognize the element to get the value of the text.

My selector and the cell is like below :frowning:

hi @the.christopoulos,

Is there a version mismatch on chrome version. I would suggest - Open UiExplorer and Grab the selector from both the machines - Compare both and Make a generic selector.


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Unfortunately in the production PC the chrome version can not be altered , because of security reasons.

I tried to compare both in my machine and the development PC and the selector through UI explorer is the same.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Isnt my selector pretty generic?

By looking at the selector - yes it seems generic … one suggestion can you try putting a * in title at the beginning also



On your last row of the selector, open UI Explorer and select the field you are selecting…
You will find row and column values to select it.
Select the column as your number and it will work.


I am facing the same issue, I am using Get text to extract the value from Oracle cell, it is working on one machine but not on other.

Remove title and other fields and use ui explorer to generate a stable selector.
Use url field instead of title etc, if you want to use title just keep common text and other text as *