Get text color from website

Hi Team ,

Is there a way to extract Text Color of text from a website.


U try to use Get Attribute Outer Html and extract Text Color Code

Using get attribute will give you the entire code in html format for the thing you selected, I hope it won’t work if we have classes defined in the CSS files for that. Will check and let you know @md.ahtesham. I don’t do that till now :slight_smile:

Lets assume you want to retrieve the color information from a particular HTML element.

  • check if a css class name is available from which it can be derived
    have a look here:
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@Pablito , can you please help me getting text color of text from a website.

Is it do-able by any chance?


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Hi @md.ahtesham,
Hope that this post can help you:

Hi @md.ahtesham, were you able to find a solution for the problem?

I am facing a scenario where i have to extract blue coloured texts from a web page. The webpage contains multiple tables and i have to extract rows which contain texts in blue colour. But the location of those texts can change for different transactions.

Can anyone please help? @ppr @loginerror

technically should it be doable as I had done on single text in the past. To adress your individual scenario may I ask you to open a new topic and reference us. So we can react on it.

Please provide us if possibel Website URL (same or similar demo site) or detailed requirement description. May I ask you to elaborate on: “But the location of those texts can change for different transactions”

Does it mean we cannot fix row and/or column on which blue text occurs?

Hi @md.ahtesham,

Documentation to get color from image is available. Check following url.