Get text Clipping Region

Can someone help with get text clipping region? I want get text to grab the name but its going for the logo instead.


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Kindly try with get text activity if possible or try with screen scrapping option from the design tab in studio
—using screen scrapping will work for sure

Hope this would help you
Cheers @seanp92

The thing is that in the selector issues the name is bound to change so “Jon Doe” will not be that all the time so I used a wild card and now it select the profile pic beside the name I want instead of grabbing the name

Kindly try with screen scrapping that would work for sure
While scrapping scrape only the name
Cheers @seanp92

Thank I will give it a try!

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quick question what would i do to edit the selector so when I run the bot it selects a name in that region at all times?

We need to change the dynamic part of selector attribute values with wildcard like *
So that it will take for all the time
Cheers @seanp92