Get text and text manipulation

I want to do this sum can anyone help me


Can you explain what error you are getting?

I am beginner at UIpath . Now I want to do sum like this
which I collect from a website. Can you give instruction how would I do this type of sum

First you need to save the output values in variable which you extracted from the above 2 activities “Get Text”

after that in the next assign activity make sum expression like for those output variable
Output1 + output2

Hey @Md.Salman_Hossain !! Lets go to the solution!! We cant sum two string and expect the integer result. So lets build the solution!

  • Step 1: I have created two string variables to simulate your variables extracted by “Get text” Activity. Then i created an int32 variable to stor the result of the sum of theese values.

  • Step 2: We need to to convert booth string variables to Int32, perform the Sum then store in our int32 variable “int_sum”. We’ll Cint(<string_variable>) to convert string to int32.

  • Step 3: Checking the results.

Hope this helps!!

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Thanks for replay but

this is the problem I want to solve where value is changing in every reload and



I have tried that can you help me with that?

After your “Get Text” Activities use “Write Line” To print the following:

f + f.Length.ToString + Environment.NewLine + b + b.Length.ToString 

Then send the Output here!

Add “Open Browser” Activity or run your workflow with website already opened!

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