Get text and Filter from excel if matches in one go

I have one excel “config.xlsx” file where I store all names in column"ropstrem".so basically I use get text activity to scrap data from browser and store output in one variable
So my confusion is
How can I take that get text variable and match/search in “Ropstream” only once .
Means I want one time match-if found then yes or else no …

Attach my flow …but it is searching all row one by one I want to be once

you mean you want to see if all values the whole “ropstrem” column contains a value? @sayali_rokade

Ya .but only once don’t want row by row searching

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put this in if statement

String.join(",", row("Ropstream").tostring).toList).contains(TEXT_TO_FIND)

hello, you could use the lookup datatable or filter datable to get the value you are looking for without looping

It is displaying found for all the rows .not working my side

Do you have any sample for it

NO you dont need to use it in a loop. you want to do it in 1 go right?

can you send sample of your table? and send the xaml ./. . . . . .


see this example
TEST.xaml (8.6 KB)

result NOT FOUND


result FOUND

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Look at the XAML attached.
Main.xaml (7.7 KB)

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Thanks for ya efforts

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