Get text activity with two diffrent text boxes


I want to use get text from two diffrent text boxes, which can be visible only at time!

Yah that would work with GET TEXT activity
Where we facing any issue in that

Cheers @mz3bel

It doesn’t work, because the pop changes, so the selector don’t work.

Fine try with GET ATTRIBUTE activity for this element and get the output of attribute named “text” and store them in a string variable
Cheers @mz3bel

try to make dynamic selector by adding *

It’s the same as get text !

I tried, it won’t work! trying to find the commun thing for both, but haven’t yet!

I managed to fix the issue, using “Try Catch”, i don’t know if it’s the best choice, but it did work.

So, what i did if the program can’t match the first pop up message, it throws an exception, than on that exception, the program will match the second pop up.

Cheers all

that is a good option either
Cheers @mz3bel

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