Get Text Activity not populating proper output when fetching data from web

I am working on a demo project. In that project, I’ve create one excel file which contains name of companies such as google, dell, hp etc. My requirement is to get CEO names based on the name of the company. For that, I’m using “GetText” activity, which will fetch the CEO names.


Original Selector:

Modified Selector:

and store the output of above activity in out type of argument. But, when I’m trying to write the output using "WriteLIne"Activity. I’m getting the result as - “Not Found” or “Skip to main content”.

Please help me in getting the dynamic output of CEO for various companies.

Thanks in advance.

You would need to fine tune your selector a bit more to get the CEO name every time you hit the url.

In the EDIT selector box, just remove the entire content and paste the below UI selector , it will work.

We need to write dynamic selector when the default selectors by UI path studio don’t work.
In order to create a reliable selector on your own would recommend you to go through the below tutorial from academy

Also my brother [Anders Jensen] from another mother :slight_smile: has created a very detailed explanation

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@AndersJensen , the best youtuber ever ,now Jan is also stepping into his shoes.

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where is the ui selector you said to paste? I am interested to see what the custom selector looks like