Get Text Activity manually Selecting Region using F3 not working in PDF


I was trying to get the specific text from PDF(It’s not an Image) using Get Text Activity and default indicate screen is not selecting the required area so used the Select region option ‘F3’ and using Message Box activity displaying the result but showing null or sometimes not required selected area result. Please let me know if you facing a similar issue or any workarounds.

Note: I would like to check can we just use Get Text & Message Box Activity to display VFTX part from the PDF. Please let me know if we can make it or it’s a limitation with UiPath.


Hi @Harvel!

Usually when you open PDF file Adobe Reader throw you popup with Reading Prefences in order to indicate text feild, if you don’t get this popup, please go to properties and change settings. After this change you still might experience some problems if you have watermarks over PDF file or file is protected. My workaround for whis problem was getAttribute activity and you need to extract “text” attribute after you indicate element.

hope this helps! :smiley:

I have attached the .xaml file and PDF to extract VFTX part Only from the PDF, Please let me know if you can exact it. I have tried several times but nothing worked out and getting extra information or null.
Great Clips.pdf (225.9 KB) SelectRegionPDF.xaml (4.7 KB)

@Harvel You can use regular expression to get VFTX part

Hi @Nikola_Drazic

Use read pdf text and pass the output as string

Based on String manipulation get a substring of the text as


You will get VFTX Value

Ashwin S

Hi buddy
It looks like native pdf, which means we cannot select the Fields as individual elements… either we can use Read PDF OCR text or screen scrapping to get the text you want
Kindly have a look at this xaml that could help you resolve this issue (215.2 KB)

Cheers @Harvel

Hello @Palaniyappan,

Thanks for checking!

I have tried to execute the xaml file but i don’t see the desired result that i was excepting to get “VFTX” Code only. attached the output that i got here:

Hello @indra,

Can you please post what kind of Reg Exp i can write to get the VFTX code.


@Harvel Can you tell what data you need to get from VFTX code

@indra As I attached above PDF “Great Clips” need to extract the code “VFTX” from the page and it should apply to any no. of pdf’s having the similar format with different code in that same position.