"Get text" Activity Extracting everytime "unchecked" while extracting Checkbox Text

Hi everyone!
Apologizes if I had made a silly Question! (I’m New in field)
So, I was trying to extract text written in front of a checkbox multiple times in for each using get text activity and selector looks fine as illustrated in image below!

Even After Highlighting it in different pages, it highlights Correct element!

But don’t know why it is shoeing unchecked everytime I run it!

Edit: Forum is not allowing me to add images, any help for that even

Stuck in it for days :frowning:
Any Help would greatly be appreciated!


Welcome to forums

Get Text will do extract from the particular element

IF you want only checked item, then you can use the Get Attributes Activity and give “Checked”

Hope this may helps you


Thanks alot for responding…
Actually I wanted to extract the text written infront of a checkbox, when I click on highlight (in Ui explorer) it highlights the correct element but only extracts unchecked everytime…
and yeah I had also inspected the element in browser and there is no attribute like checked or unchecked there!!


Can you share few screen for better understanding

Also you share the selector


Yeah sure
Here are the ones!!
P.S: being new user, forum is only allowing me to embed one media. so sorry about that!!
Here is the Screenshot for selector:

Here is what is being selected!
Any help would be appreciated
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