Get text activity assignment 2

how to get common text for both pop up because selector are different for both how to get only data from that

Use attach browser and select the pop up you have @Mayur_Pawar, then use the Get Text activity to get the text

not working @HareeshMR

can you check to indicate the pop up using get text activity individually @Mayur_Pawar?

Actually, it is very easy to get the value of the pop up in IE browser compared to remaining all the browsers :slight_smile: . Only IE browser is able to indicate the browser

can you try replacing the selector for that pop up element exist to this?

how i got this is i remove all of the extra elements and ctrlid/idx, coz it conflict a lot for some reason (ctrlid and idx changes when different pop up layout comes, so remove them altogether), also, i’m not sure why but that checkbox if i remembered correctly, appears in the layer above the text element. so you have to get rid of the layers between name and title

not working

@Mayur_Pawar If both are having Different selectors use element exists for on of the types if its true then get based on that selector else get based on the second selector.