Get Target from properties of a shortcut file

Hello, is there any way to extract Target of a shortcut file which we can see in properties? like I’ve shown in the picture. Please help, guys


  1. Add an Open Application activity to the sequence.
  2. Indicate the target application on this page


Use Get text activity or Get full text activity.

hi @DarDarSara

use below syntax:

“C:\Users"+Environment.UserName+”\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\UiPath\UiPath Studio.lnk"

@rlgandu there are too many shortcuts in the folder. I have already done a lot of UI automation in other areas of my task. So, it would be better if I can do without UI automation for this. Thank you for your help tho.

is there any alternative way to get the text from Target? I can open the file either with UI automation or start process activity. That’s not my concern. I just want to extract the text from Target from properties.

No, this is not what I want. I am showing this as an example so that people will know what result I expect. There are many shortcuts and they have different structures.