Get table range: the given key was not present in the dictionary


I am getting the error given key was not present in the dictionary every time when I try to get table range from a new table I would have created in a new sheet using UIpath automation. I don’t know how to solve this problem so I can get my table range.

Your help would be much appreciated.


If you are using Dictionary to read a table, then check whether the Dictionary Key is available in your dictionary source or not.

For more help share a screenshot or workflow.

probem 1

here is the workflow. The first get table works because it is the original excel file. Once I have done the edits an created the table when I try get the range from the created table it gives the error. I used the fields I created on the new table to try get the data i don’t think I used a dictionary.

Hi @Phillip_Sibanda

Any chance you could create and share a zip of a dummy project that reproduces the issue? It would help is reproduce the issue.

Good day I think the problem is I was trying to read table range for a pivot table instead of an actual table hence I thinks it recognizes the dictionary related to reading pivot table.
I think thats what the problem is not quite sure though.

Might you have better input
Thank you

Hi @Phillip_Sibanda did you manage to handle the issue in the end? If not, a zip file with records and the example used would be very helpful for us.