Get substrings between two predifined words into array

Can anyone help me with getting array of substring from the string bellow:

"Id klijenta: 963258 Naziv: ADDIKO BANK Adresa: SLAVONSKA Zagreb

OIB: Matični broj: 5241258 Broj osobne: -
Id klijenta: 121545 Naziv: BOGDANOVIC ALEKSANDRA Adresa: 5TH AVENUE NYC New York

OIB: Matični broj: 11654684 Broj osobne: 11654684
Id klijenta: 55 Naziv: BROKER BROKER Adresa: KK 81000 PODGORICA

OIB: NULL Matični broj: 5555 Broj osobne: -
Id klijenta: 989898 Naziv: BUDIMIR CICMIL Adresa: DJOKA MIRASEVICA 15 81000 PODGORICA

OIB: Matični broj: 2409980263005 Broj osobne: 765543533"

I have to get all substrings between “Naziv: " and " Adresa:”

@Olivera_Kalinic ,

Try with Regex.Matches with this pattern - (?<=Naziv:\s).*?(?=\sAdresa)

This will give you all the matches from that string between those two keywords.


Thanks for help.
I’ve modified your pattern to (?<=Naziv: ).*?(?= Adresa), so it works now…