Get Subfolders and Files names

Hi Guys,

I was reading in the forum, I have tried severals options …could you help me if I am missing something?

Why this instruction is not working?

I already added in the Imports

you are missing an s there in the SearchOptions

oh Good ! But anyways is not working …

oh, im the one wrong :laughing: it is SearchOption indeed

ok, so …why is not working :confused: … should I to import something else?

no need for imports, default project already has, from here i cant see what is wrong there…

:confused: ok I started from Scratch … and getting the same message

but I keep reading the forum for my error and I found another instruction and is working …

Directory.GetFiles(pathFolder,“**.*”,SearchOption.AllDirectories) instead

Directory.GetFiles(pathFolder,SearchOption.AllDirectories) and is working

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