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I am currently developing a process that must be ran on a remote desktop, and I am using Computer Vision activities. I need to extract a table from a banking website, and check whether the row contains specific parts (BAC or ITL) and then do different sequences, depending on what the row contains.

I tried to get the data out with CV Get Text which sort of worked. It got the data out, but the output is separated by one space, and I can’t split these rows into separate substrings. Has anybody got any suggestions that I could try? Any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

did we try with SCREEN SCRAPPING method from design tab using OCR text
Cheers @william.coulson

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Hey @Palaniyappan,

I gave this method a go, it took the data out but in the incorrect format (took date, date, date, name, name, name instead of date, name). I have tried a different approach to the issue by exporting the rows to a CSV file. Thank you for your help!

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Find children activity would work on this either
Cheers @william.coulson

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