Get started with StudioX - Sign an Email With Your Unicorn Name

I enjoy creating more and more automation :innocent: :blush:

No, I don’t find it easy for beginner with no technical, automation or basic programming skills. I do not see how an average person can easily use it. It will take longer to learn and use the tool than do it manually. Long way to go to make it regular non-technical user friendly.

I can start to see the potential as I go through the trainings!

Neither worked. Is there another option?

For sure. StudioX seems to be really easy to learn and to use especially for smaller stand-alone bots. The nesting to allow shared variables is a little challenging and it adds to the loss of overview on larger flows. I miss the Studio Flowchart workflow already :see_no_evil:

had to download the zip file to run it a few days later . . . a video would have helped more and pause as you go, it all worked out but longer than 20 minutes for sure.

Completed the exercise with the file package, but had to extract the files, then update the path to the files for it to work. Also the email portion of the automation happened off screen, but saw it in my sent items.

This is getting interesting and the practices are very simple to follow. Thanks Uipath for such innovation

I really like using StudioX so far. I’m just getting started with my course.

I’m thankful to be able to learn how to use StudioX.

I’m not sure what I’m missing but while the project submits an email to my designated account, the body is blank. I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong.

The course was easy to skim and the procedures were explained well. Thanks to UiPath and happy Automation everyone. :slight_smile:

En cada ejercicio que vamos desarrollando, encontramos más valor que nos ofrece esta herramienta para desarrollar en nuestros procesos diarios.

This example does not account for Microsoft Azure Information Protection pop-up asking to choose confidentiality level label when sending an email :slight_smile:

UiPath is very friendly to use and is very intuitive. For automating specific Products for example Salesforce it’s very useful to automate via API for the scripts to be more stable and we don’t need to have too much maintainance.


After experimenting with StudioX for my first project, I think it’s easy to use. I just need real-world project experience with StudioX.

I would use these automation projects to automate some of the most daily tasks. For example, if I log into a website and enter data information from a spreadsheet everyday, I can build an automation that can log into that website, fill the data from a spreadsheet, and then close the application. I look forward to experimenting more with automation.

Totally agree.

Yes, very simple - less complicated than Studio. Good for inexperienced users.

Studio x is easy to use, but there is an issue using the use outlook account when using office 365. Many organizational account holders will not be able to identify what the tenant ID is to use.

Also, as a auditory learner, it is extremely helpful to have a tutorial video like used in many Udemy courses.