Get started with StudioX - Sign an Email With Your Unicorn Name

I was confused about how to add ‘Signed’ until I realized that the word “Signed” is text that is included in the body of the email. It isn’t auto generated, it is a manually added. To add it,

  1. I first added the excel value using: +, [indicate in Excel].
  2. I next chose: +, [Text]
    This shows a field with the Excel formula in it. I moved my cursor to the beginning of the Excel formula and inserted the word: ‘Signed’.
    Basically the email body of the text is static, containing one word, ‘Signed’ which is followed by an Excel formula, which UIPath calculates when it runs.

I thought this was a great process for users to begin learning how to automate processes. This will hopefully lead to more advanced users and automations. I am excited to see were the Rabbit Hole goes.