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hello. i have some problems. i want to get row item from datatable. and the master data is different excel file. but, the table is start from cell B4. And i must read range for 1 sheet full, not spesific cells. anyone help me please for my task:( can i make B4 a header?


Hi @Aditya_Nugroho

You can give range in read range as “B4:D100000”

and tick addheader property in read range

i did that earlier, give a spesific range a “B4:D10000”. but the provisions from my leader, read range must be read full one sheet as “”

do you have data before 4th row and do you have data after d column…thanks

yes i have. after that, any more table. the field is same, just different data.

can you show some sample excel files so it would be easy to understand…thanks

Table.xaml (10.9 KB) Data.xlsx (9.2 KB)

Is it like that?

No. is like this.Data.xlsx (9.0 KB)

just read the data, not header in every table

Data.xlsx (9.0 KB)
this is my sample masterdata file

and then this is my sample output

Hi @Aditya_Nugroho

For this scenario, you have to use two ‘Read Range’ activity. Please find the below screen shot of workflow.

Give cell range for the second ‘Read Range’ activity like below:

Try this and let me know whether it meet’s your expectation.

Feel free to reach us at any time if you have doubts. Thanks.

Happy Automation

dt_data = dt.AsEnumerable.Where(Function (x) x(1).ToString.Contains(“P0”)).CopyToDataTable!

hello @vignesh.ks big thanks for ur solution. and now my problem task has solved.
regards :slightly_smiling_face:

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hello @Eric_Wong_Test big thanks for ur help! your wofklflow will be backup for my problem job. regardsss :pray: :+1:

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