Get specific value from row

I want to make use of to perfom a simple comparing mechanism and fetch the value from a cell.
Particularly, from the following table i want to get the value from “ID” column only if it has “status”=on.

It’s just for educational purprose that i want to do it in plain and am pretty aware of activities like Look Up Data table, Filter Data Table.

This workflow doesn’t output a thing unfortunately.

You are passing the case sensitive data @kuzinyd

Please make sure the excel and the workflow have the same value and with same case :slight_smile:

If it is fixed, try using Equals in the place of contains

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Hi @HareeshMR,
Thank you, one more thing it outputs index of matched row. How do i make it print the value?Like id1;id3;id5

Hi @kuzinyd
You are doing perfectly but required small change in It. as i can see in the Screenshot you have attached you are giving Index as three in your Excel file the Index of Status column is 2. so change it and see it will work for you.
Thanks & Regards

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My bad, figured it out after launching. We count columns/rows from zero…

For this you can get The values of column Id using Row(1) so store this Value in any Variable and in the then section of If print it using Message box.