Get Sharepoint list field value connected with another sharepoint list

Hi guys,

I’m using Uipath Microsoft Office 365 activities to get sharepoint list from my company’s site.
To achieve this, I use “Get List Info” activity and then “Get List Items” - this one is returning a data table, which I can write into the Excel file - so far so good.

Now the problem:
There are some fields on the sharepoint list (marked in red), that are not “raw” data, but they are linked with another sharepoint list and instead of that values, I receive some kind of numbers (ID’s I believe), so my question is how I can get the real values?

Here is example:

  • these two entries can be only selected (based on the other sharepoint list) and when I use activity like:
    I receive something like 15, 16, 1 instead of:
    “Kraków Podgórze” or “Kraków Czyżyny” - names of the local company departments.

Any help much appreciated!

So I have solved above problem - I had to get that “ID” number from the Sharepoint List Object with activity: “For Each List Item” and “Assign”: “strCurrentRowID = ListItem.Id.ToString”.
Next I have added an extra column with that ID to the Source Table, so I had something like:
“ID”, “Department Name”, “Department Address”.
Now I have looped through my Main Table with “For Each Row In Datatable” activity and by using “Lookup Datatable” I have linked “ID” number with “ID” number in Source Table, returned “Department Name” and re-assign it in Main Table.
As a result I have received full detailed Main Data Table I have needed :wink:

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