Get Shared mailbox name/email id

Hi Team,
I am not able to get shared mailbox email address, if I received email like “Abc on behalf of Xyz”.
Abc: Personal email address
xyz: Shared mailbox address
I want xyz as answer.
I have used item.sender.address but it is giving me sender’s address i.e. Abc, but that is not my requirement.
My requirement is to get Xyz.
Please help me on this.

Hi Team,
Is there any update on this thread?

Hi @Komal_Mehetre
Did you try using item.From.Address ?

Please let me know if it works.


@kunalj Yes I have used that. It is not working as expected.


Please try with item.sender.address

please let me know if it works for you

Can you please explain in detail what you are trying to achieve?

@kunalj I want to get shared mailbox address/ name. Let’s say my shared mailbox name & email id is Uipath SharedMail < > and I have access to this shared mailbox. My email id Komal Mehetre
My BOT id is
BOT receives an email like Komal Mehetre OnBehalf of Uipath SharedMailbox.

When I do for each loop
item.sender.address it gives me but I want is