Get Server Report E-Mail

Hello everyone,

is there a way to read report email in UiPath?
Report E-Mails are e.g. server E-Mails if the own E-Mail can not be delivered.

With the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity only the standard e-mail is retrieved.


can you share a sample screenshot?


Yes of course, here is one such example.

Can you please elaborate your query.
Do you want automation to read if sent email has been delivered by recipient or you want automation to read bounce back email from server that email has not been delivered to recipient because of some error.

I want the report email to be retrieved from the mailbox. Just like with a standard e-mail.

An example:
I have a folder in which such a report e-mail is stored. When I use the Get Outlook Mail Message activity to retrieve the folder content, the report email is not stored in the List MailMessage variable in UiPath.