"Get Secrets: Failed to retrieve secrets. Error: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed."


In my automation, I am attempting to extract my credentials from an Azure key vault. However, I am receiving the following error. What am I doing wrong?

Here are the properties from my “Get Secrets” activity.

Key Vault Name: “Orchestrator Azure Key Vault”

And the properties from my Azure Scope.

ClientID: “f3db657f…”
ClientSecret: new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, “SYJRY0@…”).SecurePassword
SubscriptionID: “34f97e86…”
TenantID: “270992cd…”

In Orchestrator Credential Store…

Key Vault Name: “Orchestrator Azure Key Vault”
Key Vault URI: https://***.vault.azure.net/
Client ID: f3db657f…
Client Secret: SYJRY0@…

Please help!