Get schedule from Orche then import in the robot

Is there a way to get the info of schedule in Orche then use it as input in Robot?

I want to create a scheduled robot that will continually process until there’s an item OR until the time specified is not done. I don’t want to use a fixed timer instead I want to use the scheduling in Orche and it will stop getting items after the specified time but the last item will continually process until it gracefully end. Hopefully there’s a function or activity for this. Thanks

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i hope we dont have any such specific activity to retrieve that

Then we can run a process at a specific time we want in regular interval of time with Schedule option which would run the process the time we set (only takes the input and execute at that time alone) which will continue until it ends and no other robots can execute any process till that robot completes that execution

hope this would help you
Cheers @jayson.actimai