Get SAP Folder, Sub Folder Information and Use that for Automation

Hi Good afternoon,

I am working with an SAP application. In this application I need to get all the folders, sub folders information and all files information.

I have developed a bot that scrapes all the data from the SAP application. It uses hot keys to click down and does a CTRL+C to get the file name’s and sends a right key to open the folders.

My question is I am unable to indentify which one is a folder which one is a file from the data I get. Is there a way UiPath Can Identify this information.

  • SAP WinGUI version : 770.1.5
  • SAP WinGUI transaction: RZ 11
  • UiPath Studio version : 2020.10.12
  • UiPath UiAutomation Activity version : 21.10.4


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HI @Sairam_RPA

Please share a few screenshots from SAP, that I can see a bit more.

Thanks, Lev

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