Get SAP Applicatioin Textbox value into variable

In SAP Application i have user profile window which contain many textbox with name, email etc Now i have to just get email address into the variable i have tried with get text activity but bad luck. Please help

Hi @Sandeep_Kumar2,

Try to get selector using uiexplorer and get the value.

If you are not able to get the selector Try to click E-Mail using click activity to focus to the Email text box and use send hot key to copy the value.


how to get email into variable by send hot key
should i have to use control+a and then control+c then how to put that value into variable

Hi @Sandeep_Kumar2,

Using Get From Clipboard activity to store the value to the variable.

Refer below links



Can you please let me know if this is this a citrix automation or not? this is in order to properly help you.


dont get your point bro

no it is not citrix automation please help

Yes, you would click to get the cursor in the text field and then ctrl-a, ctrl-c, then there is a get from clipboard activity which puts whatever is in your clipboard at that moment into a variable. However if your selectors aren’t working you won’t be able to click the field.

Alternatively once you ctrl-a there is also a ‘copy selected text’ activity which eliminates the need for ctrl-c. If you get the error “one or more errors occurred” at this stage it means your ctrl-a didn’t work properly and the bot is trying to set an empty selection to the clipboard.

More importantly though if you’re not using citrix then a screen such as the one you are using in SAP should have useable selectors in UI Path.

You could try a click text activity to find the word ‘E-Mail’ and offset the click to click in the text field? Bit unreliable though.